Our Commitment Is For Your Complete Satisfaction!



Our Philosophy


The firm's base philosophy of reliable, quality service to their clients is a direct result of the commitment of the partners to their clients' needs. Our reputation among clients, bankers and other business associates is, we believe, to be of the highest level. This, combined with our commitment to servicing the needs of our clients, have allowed our firm to grow.


Our philosophy in meeting the needs of our clients follows the belief in:




  • We adhere to the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards This ensures the client, no matter how big or small, will receive the highest level of service.


  • Our firm has in place various quality control checks, to ensure that the final written product is of the highest standard. This quality also extends to provide you with formats that are readily understandable and informative.

Reliable and Timely Service

  • We are committed to servicing the needs of our clients. Information to the client must be timely in order to be of a benefit to making informed management decisions. Thus, every engagement is treated as being of priority. This is the philosophy on which our firm's service is based.

Communication with Client

  • It is our belief that communication to the client must be open, concise, and understandable. Open communication is necessary to ensure that the client's needs or problems are fully understood to ensure that we can meet these needs in a timely manner. Concise communication is necessary to assure that the heart of the problem is dealt with and is not confused with irrelevant information. Any communication must be understood by the client if he is to make informed decisions.

Cost Consciousness

  • We believe in value for services rendered. This is determined by the time spent on the engagement at our standard billing rates. Therefore, we endeavor to ensure that the staff assigned to the engagement is appropriate, and that the rates charged correlate to their respective levels of technical expertise. At all times we keep in mind the size, nature and extent of the engagement when determining the final billing amount. All staff are supervised to ensure that all time spent is productive.

Client Awareness

  • For most small business clients, we provide a further service, that of controller. We review all engagements to determine what areas require the clients attention, and what advise we may have on the matter at hand. Thus, we keep ourselves informed about the client's operations in order to fulfill this additional service.